BOOM the ship shakes, and a shirtless Archer awakens with a start.  He attempts to exit his quarters but a security officer informs him that he is confined to his quarters.  "On who's orders?" "The Captain's"  This of course not only shocks but angers Archer who socks him in the face and runs to the bridge, demanding to know what's going on.  On the bridge "Captain T'Pol" demanded someone take care of Archer so they can get back to the battle.

The Battle by the way was Enterprise's last ditch effort to stop a humongous sphere before it fired on Earth, and it did fire, the Earth exploded in a tremendous special effect.  And all this before the first commercial break.

Next, we find Archer awaken considerably older and enters on a much more laid-back T'Pol who is making him breakfast.  She then begins to explain something that she has explained just about every day for 12 years.

Apparently 12 years earlier... FLASHBACK SEQUENCE!!!!

Enterprise was flying through yet another Expanse anomaly field and Archer and T'Pol were in a corridor, Archer desperately trying to convince T'Pol to come to movie night to watch Rosemary's Baby (I hate horror movies, why can't they watch a good comedy at these movie nights once and a while?) when an anomaly shakes the ship and T'Pol is trapped.

T'Pol tells Archer to save himself but always the hero Archer saves T'Pol but is injured himself.

Archer awoke in sickbay where Phlox asks him when the last time he talked to Trip was, when Archer tells Phlox an event that he thought was simply hours ago but is actually 3 days ago and that in the anomalies a weird transdimensional organism made its way into Archer's brain.  These little buggers are actually kind of interesting.

They basically make up a kind of weird temporal brain tumor, their result is that Archer has become incapable of storing long-term memories.  He can remember everything that happened before the infection, and he can remember stretches of time of about 6 to 12 hours or so but afterward, he is completely lost on what time and day it is.

Ok, so Admiral Forrest relieves Archer of command and gives T'Pol a field commission to Captain (where the uniform came from).

Away Captain T'Pol goes trying to find the Xindi weapon, well the Xindi find out that they are getting close and attack, now here is probably one of the best episodic ship battles I've ever seen in Trek (note I said episodic, i.e. doesn't include the battle of The Enterprise-E with the Scimitar or any other of the amazing trek movie battles).  There are 2 Xindi warships, and one of them is docked with Enterprise, well Mayweather dies and T'Pol controls the helm and does one of the coolest things I've ever seen done in Trek, she flies Enterprise so that she rams the flying ship WITH the docked ship, thus ripping the docked ship off of Enterprise, destroying both attackers and devastating one of Enterprise's warp nacelles, all at the same time.

While this won the battle it cost the Enterprise a lot, with only one nacelle the ship cannot reach more than warp 1.5 anymore and they start slacking on the trail of the Xindi weapon, by the time they find the place where the weapon was being constructed, the weapon had already been deployed.  Enterprise zooms off to find the probe and tries in a last-ditch effort (along with the rest of the fleet) to destroy the probe.

Ok so now where are up to the point that Earth is destroyed, but sadly we don't see that really cool effect a 2nd time, instead T'Pol simply describes the fact that the Xindi didn't stop at Earth, they also destroyed Mars, Alpha Centauri, and each and every other human colony.  And then told Archer that there were only about 6,000 humans left, in total.

Enterprise led one of 2 caravans of refugees to Ceti Alpha Five to create a last human colony.  On the way they run into Ambassador Soval who practically begs T'Pol to return to Vulcan, but she refuses.  They make it to Ceti Alpha 5 but the other caravan did not make it.  T'Pol then resigns as Captain of the Enterprise and instead moves in with Archer on the planet's surface where they live for the next several years basically doing the same thing over and over and over again.  He wakes up, completely confused, she explains everything that has happened.

But today is different, why?  Because it's the return of Phlox!  After years of research on his homeworld, Phlox is confident that he can use energy from Enterprise's warp reactor to create a "Subspace implosion" inside Archer's brain that will result in healing Archer of this incredibly annoying ailment.  So off to Enterprise, they fly where they have a touching reunion with the other members of the crew.

The first phase of the procedure is a success but then comes a snag, Enterprise detects a small vessel trying to hide around the system's sun (which results in yet another cool battle scene although short and simple but with stunning visuals of the sun.  I should note that this is the 3rd amazing space battle of the episode).

They find out from the captured alien that the Xindi now know where they are and so Captain Tucker (yes I did say Captain Tucker for who else would take command when T'Pol left) ordered that the treatments of Captain Archer had to stop to preserve energy for the upcoming battle (yes a 4th space battle).

T'Pol and Phlox beg Trip to reconsider saying that completing the treatments is the only way to save Earth, to which Trip answers "Earth has already been destroyed, accept it!" but then they explain the temporal conundrum of the episode (yes of course there would be a temporal conundrum, after all they can't destroy Earth and get away with it).

It seems that the treatment was working, and part of the infection was gone, but here's the weird part, not only was the infection gone from the current brain scan, but every record Phlox had taken over 12 years of all the different brain scans he had done, in every single one of them that area of the brain no longer had any infection.

See these little buggers exist outside of the normal space-time continuum and, like the anomaly in All Good Things [TNG], if you destroy them in the future they vanish in the past, so Phlox and T'Pol believe that if they destroy the infection then Archer would never have been relieved of command and perhaps, just perhaps, Earth could be saved.

Tucker unfortunately doesn't see it that way and insists.  So here comes the battle, 6 Xindi warships come up against 2 starships, The Enterprise and the Intrepid (captained by Malcolm).

I know I've said it 3 other times in this plot synopsis but this battle was incredible, They were not doing too bad, thanks to some weapons and shield upgrades courtesy of General Shran (I'm just assuming that Shran is our Andorian friend from the first 2 seasons).

The Intrepid bites the dust in an amazing way and then the battle is focused entirely on Enterprise.  The Xindi are ruthless, they slice the Bridge right off of the top of the saucer section (presumably killing everyone on the bridge) and continue with boarding parties shooting everyone they can find.  T'Pol, Phlox, and Archer go to Engineering to try and finish the procedure (to erase the whole thing) but the pod that Archer lay in earlier was damaged in the attack.

Archer figures out that all they need is a Subspace Implosion but they don't have to survive it, they only have to destroy the infection so that the infection would have been destroyed in the past, so Archer comes up to the warp core and starts working on trying to cause the subspace implosion to destroy the ship. T'Pol and Phlox help, but Xindi come in, they kill Phlox and T'Pol and they shoot Archer like 2 times yet he still manages to fight through the pain to throw the last series of levers to cause the ship to have a cascade explosion, and the destruction of Enterprise in an amazing dramatic flare where huge chunks of the Enterprise start to separate from the rest before exploding......

....And we find ourselves in Sickbay with a mirror of the same scene where Phlox had told Archer that he was infected, with a lot of the same wording, only this time Archer has only suffered a mild concussion.  T'Pol, feeling guilty that Archer got hurt saving her and brought him the movie that they were going to watch that evening since he would not be able to make it as Phlox had requested that he stay in sickbay overnight.

Archer asks T'Pol if she could hand him a pillow and turn down the lights and when she asks him if he needed anything else he answers "No thank you... T'Pol" "Yes?" "You'd make an excellent nurse."

End Credits Roll.....

Episode Review

Ok, let's get the obvious stuff out of the way first.  This episode was quite simply the most visually magnificent episode of Enterprise I have seen (and I've seen all but like 2 of them and understand that the ones I have missed are not anything that great visually).  First the special effects, now I know Trek has always been big on special effects but everything has a budget, and the effects for this episode outweigh the effects I've seen in many a full-length movie. 

There were not 1 but 4 absolutely amazing space battles in this one episode.  The destruction of Earth was catastrophic and beautiful at the same time.  The scene where T'Pol crashes one Xindi ship into another fracturing Enterprise's warp nacelles was amazing, even though the battle with the one little alien scout ship was short and didn't have any big explosions the battle was still amazing because it took place in low orbit of the sun and the images of the sun behind the battle were gorgeous, and finally, the last battle that included elements like the destruction of the Intrepid, the bridge of Enterprise being sliced off, and amazing destruction of Enterprise at the end blew away not only the ships but me as well.  The effects were... amazing, have I said that yet?

But not only the effects were visually great, but the makeup and costumes were great too.  First of all, I like the look of T'Pol in a Starfleet uniform, I think it is most becoming on her and a lot better than her catsuits.  She really holds the air of command when she wears that and really seems to be a part of the crew.

In the scenes where the Enterprise crew is supposed to be 12 years older, the makeup and costume changes were great.  Archer was definitely believable as someone slightly getting older, Reed looked quite distinguished with his mustache, Hoshi's new hairdo suited her well, and T'Pol's new civilian dreads (a looser form of her red catsuit) and slightly different hairstyle gave her a much more human look, fitting when the episode showed quite clearly that she had developed feelings for "Jonathan" over the years and no longer was the strict Vulcan she was.  Even Phlox got a slight makeover that made him look a bit more distinguished in his future self.

So visually this episode ruled supreme, how about the story though?  Well, it was quite obvious from the opening scene (and the commercials before it) that this episode would feature a gigantic reset button at the end of the episode, and that causes a lot of Star Trek fans to go UGH every time they realize it is coming.

I won't deny that sometimes the reset buttons in Trek get old, but in my personal opinion, Twilight was an exception to this rule.  The method of reset button was different than what we normally see in these types of episodes, in fact, it didn't technically involve time travel at all.

As I said before I really liked the space battles but not just because of the effects, but because I thought this episode had amazing balance considering everything that was crammed in a 1-hour stretch of time.  Most episodes are either heavy action or heavy drama.  This episode had an amazing fusion of both.  There was tons of drama, between T'Pol's feelings for Archer, Archer's attempt to come to grips with his high unusual disability, and everyone's feelings concerning the destruction of the vast majority of the human race.

Yet at the same time, this was probably the most action-packed episode of Enterprise ever with 4 big space duels AND on ship fighting with Xindi boarders.  The episode was well-paced, interspersing the action sequences with drama sequences seamlessly and the story was interesting.

Some may mention that a lot of the plot lines may have been borrowed but really has anyone ever seen a mental disorder quite like what Archer develops in this episode?  He can remember everything from his childhood and all the way up to the point he was infected but nothing afterward except for whatever happened in the last few hours.  That's an amazing disorder to have to deal with, a creative one to come up with, and a really challenging one for an actor to act.  Yet Bakula gives an impressive performance in this episode, really convincing the viewers that he really has no idea what's going on yet wants to so badly.

And T'Pol, this episode was probably written mostly for her character as you see a lot in her.  You can see that she has her feelings much closer to the surface yet at the same time not exactly breaching her logic.  Her argument with Soval was convincing and full of compassion for humanity and of course, her obvious emotions for Archer bring her to care for him for years, to deal with the fact that he can never remember anything she says to him from one day to the next, and yet not crossover into full emotions, her performance tonight was terrific.

Of course, I have quips as do all, Generally, Mayweather gets at least a couple of lines in, but in this episode, they went all out to get him no screen time, not only did he not have anything to say when he was on screen, but he was actually killed early on in the episode and thus completely out of the picture when it came time for the touching reunion scene when Archer, T'Pol, and Phlox return to Enterprise to conduct the procedure.  Meanwhile, the other underused character on the ship, Hoshi, is alive and well yet somehow while all the male members of the crew had been promoted at one point or another and moved on to bigger and better things... she is still the communications officer, poor Hoshi, the Enterprise equivalent of Voyager's Ensign Kim.

And there were a few things about T'Pol's character that just didn't sit right with me, Soval gave T'Pol an option where Archer would be given the best medical care the Vulcan medical consulate could provide if T'Pol would return (WITH ARCHER) to Vulcan, yet she decides to stay, it would have been understandable if the purpose was to remain in command of Enterprise as that is the excuse she gives, yet when Enterprise arrives at the new colony, she resigns and goes down to the surface with Archer, why?  Wouldn't it have been better to take Archer to Vulcan where he could be treated perhaps?  It wasn't very logical and yet it also wasn't very emotionally sound either, so why did it happen?  The only reason she would make that decision was so that Phlox could be written in as the medical savior.

This leads me to an interesting query that I think I'm going to bring up in a poll later on, Phlox has come up with medical miracles several times in Enterprise, just as the EMH came up with countless medical miracles on Voyager, just like Bashir came up with countless medical miracles on Deep Space Nine, just like Crusher and Pulaski came up with miracle after miracle on the Next Generation, and just like Bones on the original series.  How is it that if there are all these miracles going on, it is still a miracle when it happens?  After all a miracle is defined as:

An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God

Do you think that Star Trek has too many medical miracles?  Are medical miracles simply "A Day in the Life of a Trek doctor"?  I'll ask this question later on the main page in a poll.

Anyway back to tonight's episode.  Over all the episode was amazing, with only slight, mostly insignificant quips, I give Twilight an A+!